JSON API for HTML view composition

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idom = idi.bidi.dom

What is it?

JSON API for templated HTML & SVG view compositing

idi.bidi.dom (idom) – offers a new and different way for interacting with the DOM.

In abstract terms, idom takes the DOM and adds variables, scope, variable memoization, multiple-inheritance and type polymorphism (with the Node Prototype as the user defined type) In logical terms, it offers a flat JSON API for creating, populating, and de-populating predetermined DOM structures with the ability to link, directly access, populate and de-populate other such DOM structures at any depth within them. It gives us a simpler alternative to the browser’s hierarchical DOM manipulation API while allowing us to reduce the amount of HTML as well as separate the HTML from the presentation logic.

The idi.bidi.dom project on github:

project page: http://idibidiart.github.com/idi.bidi.dom/

sources: https://github.com/idibidiart/idi.bidi.dom

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