Blog of the Day

For a full 24 hours, on Monday, June 26, ’06, Evolving Trends sat as #1 blog on the WordPress ‘Blog of the Day’ page. It received tens of thousands of hits in those 24 hours, and that was all due to this article:

Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?

Read more here

  1. Marc, looks like you went all out and I haven’t even submitted anything. I’ll work on something over the weekend.

  2. Hey Marc…

    I was 2nd only to Scoble for like 48 hours last month.. No one probably remembers at this point but I was the guy with the huge Skype – telemarketing story! Do I qualify for a logo? :)

  3. Anyone can use it, under Creative Commons license with attribution only… for more traffic ;-)


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