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Google Warming Up to the Wikipedia 3.0 vision?

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[source: slashdot.org]

Google’s “Knol” Reinvents Wikipedia

Posted by CmdrTaco on Friday December 14, @08:31AM
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teslatug writes “Google appears to be reinventing Wikipedia with their new product that they call knol (not yet publicly available). In an attempt to gather human knowledge, Google will accept articles from users who will be credited with the article by name. If they want, they can allow ads to appear alongside the content and they will be getting a share of the profits if that’s the case. Other users will be allowed to rate, edit or comment on the articles. The content does not have to be exclusive to Google but no mention is made on any license for it. Is this a better model for free information gathering?”

This article Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?  which gives you an idea why Google would want its own Wikipedia was on the Google Finance page for at least 3 months when anyone looked up the Google stock symbol, so Google employees, investors and executive must have seen it. 

Is it a coincidence that Google is building its own Wikipedia now?

The only problem is a flaw in Google’s thinking. People who author those articles on Wikipedia actually have brains. People with brains tend to have principles. Getting paid pennies to build the Google empire is rarely one of those principles.



The World Wide Mesh (WWM)

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I’m not sure why Wifi hardware vendors don’t update their firmware so that each Wifi router/bridge sold can communicate with nearby ones.

Who needs Level 3 and Worldcom if we have the ability to connect to each other over the air!


This article below talks about P2P set-top boxes, i.e. the wired version of the World Wide Mesh.

Using set top boxes and Peer-to-Peer technology.