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Thought Seeders and Thought Leechers – Updated

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Author: Marc Fawzi

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License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0


My intention with Evolving Trends was not to see the ideas that are articulated here get adopted by others with no contribution to the debate whatsoever.

But I was reminded today about the true purpose of this blog:

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.”

— Howard Aiken quoted by Ken Iverson quoted by Jim Horning, 1979

So far, it looks like we did our part by ramming it down Google’s throat: link (and now Google “Knol” )

And we believe that we got Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales to jump on the crowd-enhanced semantic search bandwagon with Wikia, his VC-backed startup: link (also see the Update section of this post re: Jimmy Wales’ conflict of interest)

Here’s the popular Evolving Trends article, Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google, that preceded both Google Knol and Wikia.

Now, it seems that Hakia may have joined the club, too.

Description of a new service that Hakia just put on their site http://labs.hakia.com/hakia-lab-dial.html

Dialogue Algorithm

The long-term objective of the Dialogue algorithm is to establish a human-like dialogue with the user. The vision is to convert the search engine’s role into a computerized assistant with advanced communication skills while utilizing the largest amount of information resources in the world.The challenge is to analyze search results ranked by the SemanticRank algorithm one step further to determine whether the information can be used to communicate with the user at an elevated level of confidence about its accuracy and credibility. hakia’s conversational system is currently under development. A simplified version of this utility is at the BETA site that allows hakia developers (and the users) to monitor the incremental improvements at every step of the way.An interactive test system is available by invitations which is further advanced than that on the BETA site. You can request access to test this system, or Login using your access code.

Compare this to the Evolving Trends article that preceded their description:

Designing a Better Web 3.0 Search Engine

It’s intriguing to see how ideas spread… but a society where most people are thought leechers (as opposed to thought seeders) is a society that is headed for failure.

It would be great if the broken patent system was to be replaced with a simple P2P co-creative system that promotes balanced ‘contribution ratios’ so everyone contributes to the debate, not simply copy and co-opt other people’s contributions…