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A Natural World Order (fka, Beyond ‘Democracy vs. Dictatorship’)

In Uncategorized on February 21, 2011 at 1:42 am

Author: Marc Fawzi

Twitter: http://twitter.com/marcfawzi

In a democracy, the majority decides, not the individual.

We have a democracy in the US.

But do I get to decide? Nope. Do you? Nope. Does any individual get to decide? Nope.

The “majority” get to decide.

If you are part of the majority on a given issue then you’re in luck. Otherwise, your voice will be ignored, even if it’s given room to be heard.

Democracy is a concept that was conceived of thousands of years ago. Technology has advanced and now we can have something more sophisticated than what the ancients could think of in terms of our governance model.

For example, if I match my opinions to everyone out there using some “match making” app and find out that on the 100 most important issues to me there are 12 million people in the US who agree with me (not a majority) then I and those 12 million people can abide by a Constitution/Law that is in agreement with us, not a One Size Fits All one.

The Internet coupled with automated people matching technologies give us the option to join virtual societies, each with its own set of laws, and even virtually immigrate from one society to another, no different than immigrating from US to Canada or vice versa. The only universal law would be that in order to have your own laws you’d have to have a group of at least 7 million people (or 0.1% of the population of the planet) who agree to abide by those laws and nothing but those laws. This way the only governance challenge becomes about getting and keeping that many people under one ideology or set of rules.

The only concern some may have with this idea is that there would be a lack of global world order. This is actually a very good thing since a global world order would ensure hegemony and that’s not a good thing.  Instead, order would manifest on the local scale (each 7 million people or more will have their own world order tailored to their needs, hopes, and desires) so there would be no need for hegemony or a New World Order for that matter, just localized order, which is how order manifests in nature.

In a way, we can call such a system a Natural World Order.