P2P 3.0: Shaking the Web to its Roots

In Uncategorized on October 8, 2006 at 5:02 pm

The application of P2P Search (semantic and non-semantic) to the Web will involve transforming the Web from the existing browser-server model to a browser-as-both-client-and-server model. This is different than P2P file sharing in the sense that it is about producing and consuming information (or meaning – in case of the P2P semantic Web model) rather than sharing digital data. Thus, P2P Search and P2P Semantic Search in particular may be viewed as being part of the Web 3.0 set of technologies.

[The abstract above hints at a “decentralized knowledge base” version of the previous model implied in the People’s Google post]


  1. Get Your DBin


p2p search, p2p Web, Web 3.0, Web 3.0

  1. Hi Marc,

    You may find the Hypercup project interesting:


    This is a more recent “lightweight” version, as the original concept started 4-6 years ago and there did not seem to be much work on it. It was based on Hypercube topology, will sen dyou the poster if I can find it.

    Also, was wondering about your thought on the SIOC Project, and the website http://pingthesemanticweb.com

    Your article “Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?” was great for creating a firestorm!



  2. This is a very interesting look at what P2P is, and will become. I’ll have to make sure i check out your blog more often.

  3. Marc I know you’re not being -lazy- but you sure aren’t posting anything! I am going to assume that this means you are doing exciting things, which begs the question–why don’t you scrutinize those NDAs closely and share some vague details with us?

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