Semantic MediaWiki

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What is it?

Semantic MediaWiki is an ongoing open source project to develop a Semantic Wiki Engine.

In other words, it is one of the impportant early innovations leading up to the Wikipedia 3.0 (Web 3.0) vision.

  • The project and software is called "Semantic MediaWiki"
  • ontoworld.org is just one site using the technology
  • Wikipedia might become another site using the technology 


The hosting of the Semantic Mediawiki, i.e. the Web 3.0 version of of Wikipedia’s platform, has been taken over by Wikia, a commercial venture founded by Wikiepdia’s own founder Jimmy Wales. This opens up a huge conflict of interest, which is, namely, the fact that Wikipedia’s founder is running a commercial venture that takes creative improvements to Wikipedia’s platform, e.g. Semantic Mediawiki, and transfer those improvements to Wikia, Jimmy Wales’ own commercial for-profit venture.


  1. Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google?
  2. Web 3.0: Basic Concepts
  3. P2P 3.0: The People’s Google
  4. Semantic MediaWiki project website (as noted in the Update, Semantic Media Wiki hosting has been taken over by Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales’ commercial venture Wikia…)


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  1. As you know, I don’t want to bring down any sincere efforts on the web. So forgive my dumb brain but doesn’t the ‘semantic web’, as described by w3c, depend on widespread adoption or application of microformats? And isn’t that a long way off?

    It seems to me that there is a patchwork of microformats being deployed in a piecemeal way at the moment. hCard and hCalendar seem to be popular, while xFolk and rel-tag might be more useful for searches. There are also big overlaps between them, which doesn’t help.

  2. Loose, inconsistent, and overlapping (i.e. informal) implementations happen at the very early part of the adoption cycle for any idea, especially with the giant leap (in baby steps) that the Semantic Web represents.

    If you were on the Internet in the 80’s you would remember the marc!att!uunet!etc!etc notation we used to have for email addresses and how it used to take 2 days for email to travel between Boston and London (goes to California first then back to the East Coast and then London) …

    But we (the ‘geeks’) kept at it and that’s why we have the “Internet” (as we know it), the blog and Web 2.0 today.

    So similarly we shall have Web 3.0


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