GoodSense: End World Hunger and Increase Blog Revenue with Google AdSense.

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AdSense is a service by Google that delivers the ads you see on blogs, forums, information websites and most regretably on spam sites. Tens or hundreds of millions of people view such ads each day. Some people click on the ads (or so I have been told) but most people, including myself, simply ignore them, and therein lies the opportunity!

Let’s say that Google sets up a system whereby AdSense users (i.e. the bloggers, forum aministrators, and, yes, even spammers) may choose to allow ads to be displayed that when clicked on would deduct 10% out of the payment due from Google to the AdSense user and send that amount to the advertiser’s favorite charity. The advertisers may choose to participate in this program and specify their favorite charity. The money comes out of the AdSense user’s payment but there will be a positive gain rather than a loss. That’s because more people would click on the ads if they knew that by doing so they would be contributing to a worthy cause. I would. Many people would. In fact, since it makes so much economic sense to the AdSense user you may find spammers (those who setup massively interlinked farms of pages and plaster Google AdSense ads all over them) opting to allow the 10% deduction, thus effectively doing good for a change instead of just evil. Advertisers who participate in such a program do so with the understanding that people clicking on their ads simply to help the advertiser’s chosen charity are potential consumers who may be interested in the advertiser’s products or services. People in general have a higher incentive to click on an ad for a product they may be interested in buying or finding out about (but not at that exact moment) if clicking on that ad would generate an immediate positive contribution to society (or the environment.)

So if the idea of helping end world hunger while increasing your blog’s revenue sounds good to you then feel free to bug Google about it …


There would have to be some kind of electronic seal or some other validation mechanism that tells users that a given AdSense link is participating in the charity program, so people who wouldn’t normally click on ads would click on those.


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  1. …or, we could just pressure and/or remove the dictators of the world that starve their own people. When given the chance democracy and capitalism thrive, every time.

    But yours, is a good idea too. However, what will happen of such innovations, as Adblock Plus for Firefox?

    Will people be forced to donate 10% of their adsense earnings, or would it be voluntary, and how would anyone possibly know, other than Google and the webmaster?

    It is a nice thought, but why do we need Google to be the middle-man? Why not just tithe 10% of your earnings to charity?

    Hey, I thought Bill Gates was already on top of this ;) Isn’t that supposed to be his new full-time job (saving the world)?

  2. <<"It is a nice thought, but why do we need Google to be the middle-man? Why not just tithe 10% of your earnings to charity?"


    The answer is because it has to be an automated process so that users coming to your blog who see those specially marked "charity" links (I added that note at the bottom of the post to make it clear) would know that if they click on them 10% of the money Google pays you would automatically go to a worthy cause. Meaning, most people wouldn't trust just any blogger to do that, so it has to be automated by a third party (Google in this case.)


  3. I know that's what you meant. I was just giving you ****. I like the idea.

    And yes, I like to say "Google"! The most successful companies have cool names.

    What about "Pepsi"? People love to say it. That is marketing brilliance, that we can all learn from.

    I think Google's success lies in it's lack of real marketing. In other words, it's simplicity is really easy on the eyes, and the brain. It is so easy to use, even my Grandma knows what it is!

    The true stamp of success, can be measured, when your company's name becomes a verb. Go ahead, "Google it!"

  4. My guess is that instead of Google initiating it, Microsoft will. After all their internet services are under “Live”!

    And best of all, the money could go to the Bill and Melinda foundation which is sort-of linked to Microsoft. This way, Microsoft could be seen as a really, really charitable corporation.

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